The Reviews Are Coming In

We’ve got some great words regarding our new record and we’ve put some of the highlights below. Enjoy!


“Embedding classical-tinged piano and wordless vocals within a thick mass of electronics and field recordings makes the group's sound instantly identifiable and goes a long way towards distinguishing a fully realized recording such as this one.” - Textura

“The open-ended nature of a sonic tapestry is fertile ground for contemplation.  On It Billows Up, humanity meets the rest of nature and is given a musical score: disparate forces forming a fragile harmony." - A Closer Listen

“Using nothing but sine and square wave oscillators, reel-to-reel tape loop collages of field recordings, and live electronically-treated vocal noise, Sontag Shogun continue to breathe an authentic, pure energy into their sound.” - Nest HQ

“Sontag Shogun remain a strange and indefinable group that stands out on an increasingly homogeneous cultural landscape.” - Indie Is Not A Genre

“To say that Sontag Shogun are the equivalent to a sound travelog is an understatement. They, on this album fuse electroacoustic sounds and techniques to field recordings which make you feel as if you are on a journey through various countries with them.” - Drifting, Almost Falling

“Sontag Shogun reveal bits and pieces of a modern fable with each vignette here.” - Tone Shift

music video for "It Billows Up" premiers on Fluid Radio

Our new album has a beautiful new video that’s being premiered RIGHT NOW on Fluid Radio. It’s Very mesmerizing and involves some of our favorite collaborators on and off-stage. You can watch it RIGHT HERE or read the review/presentation by Fluid Radio here:

film by Joel Schlemowitz
dance by Kate Ladenheim & Bre Short

Directed by Jeremy Young and Joel Schlemowitz, and shot whilst trespassing on Iona Island in the Hudson River. 2019. Music taken from Sontag Shogun's forthcoming LP, It Billows Up, out on LP/DL via Youngbloods on May 17, 2019.

We also have a sweet LIVE VIDEO shot by the amazing amazing amazing Azumi O E from our performance at Elsewhere back in March in Brooklyn, NY. Watch ‘n Listen below:

new album "it billows up" is now available for pre-order

We’re excited to announce our newest album “It Billows Up," coming out on 12” vinyl May 17 via Youngbloods. This album is our first experiment trying to capture our live sound that we’ve developed the past few years touring Japan, Europe, and North America. We recorded it with the amazing Seth Manchester at his RI studio Machines With Magnets in three days last year.

Pre-order it now on our Bandcamp site.