most recent work


it billows up LP

A continuous live narrative of ambient mesh, with foley, tape, piano, vocals, oscillator, and more. Limited edition 12” vinyl. Released 2019 via Youngbloods.

patterns b-sides.jpg

patterns outtakes EP

Four unreleased digital tracks from our “Patterns” recording session, unearthed from the vault. Released 2017 via Youngbloods.


patterns in resonant space LP

Soundtrack for a solitary journey through old photographs. Limited edition 12” vinyl. Released 2017 via Youngbloods.


“tale” CD

Our debut full-length album. A pastiche of aural geography, culture, and subjective experience. Released 2014 via Palaver, Luau, and Ricco.


the things we let fall apart / thunderswan EP

A collaborative 7” created with Japanese designer and vocalist Moskitoo. Released 2017 via Home Normal.


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